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[17 Nov 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I knew Ricky was up to something, last night he text me saying, "Hey lil' mama just wanted to holla at you. i just want to let you know that even you may not feel the same i want to be wit u cuz i miss u n being wit u." I knew he wanted more than just to take me out. Now I'm definitely not going to the movies with him cuz then he'll think I'm interested in getting back with him and I'm not. I'm not gonna be mean about it though. oh my gosh what happend today with Kimberly, Noel and Melanie is sO crazy!!! Melanie broke up with Noel because Noel cheated on her with Kim and Kim confessed about it. If I were Melanie I would slap the hell outta both of them and I would break up with Noel and not talk to neither one of them. She broke up with Noel but I dont know anything else. All I saw was Noel saying to her "Common Mel I'm sorry" and Melanie was like "Noel leave me alone. No. Your sick." lol it was pretty dramatic. But Noel deserves it becuase he treats her like ass behind her back, he has no respect for her. Thats just my opinion though. I heard that Stephanie and Jason aren't together anymore. I was with Christian after school and he was like "Hurry, walk fast with me I'm supposed to meat Stephanie." I was like "Stephanie?" He said, "Yeah I wrote her a letter." and I was like, "I heard her and Jason go out." and he said, "Yeah, I heard the same thing but she told me they're not." So, I don't know if maybe Stephanie was lying to him so he wouldn't be hurt or if they're not together anymore. And I'm not gonna ask Jason, cuz then he'll probably think I'm asking because I want him back or something. I'm so proud of myself. I have thought about Jason, but I havent talk to him, I ignore him when he's around, and I havent thought about picking up the phone to call him at all! yay be proud! I think theres 4 morenos that like me, Alan asked me for my number today (i gave it to him just to find out if he likes me) Greg likes me (from what Jason said) Eric is always shy around me, and Ricky as we all know. Oh and I think Ahmahd and Antonio like me. I hope not, the only ones I'm interested in are Greg and Ahmahd and Eric is kinda cute but he's too dark lol. But Greg, I gotta see who he is first. Oh my god, what is up with me and morenos this year?! My baby boy Jordan from NY told Jaquay to tell me he said "hey boo" aww ILoveHimSoMuch. I told Jaquay to you know give him my celly number so he can call me up whenever. I mean I still always think and talk about him. He's the best boyfriend I've ever had.

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[16 Nov 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | Jolly ]

Last night Ricky asked me to go out Friday to the movies. But I dunno if I should or if I want to. I don't want him trying anything with me becuase I don't like him like that anymore. Then again, maybe he's just asking me out as a friend (but i doubt it) because he wasn't talking that much to me until he told me he broke up with his girlfriend. So it seems wierd how he wants to take me out now. He said he misses chilling with me. Thats why I think he's just trying to win me back but I really don't want him. I saw Stephanie and Jason together after school at the circle today, they were'nt doing anything though. I thought they were gonna kiss or something, I was waiting to see some action so that I could REALLY get over him but I didn't see any action. lol. I'm surfing today! ugh! Xiomara needs to introduce me to this boy Greg or whatever his name is, or at least show him to me. lol. If I think he's cute I'll tell Jason to introduce him to me lol. I really will I don't care.

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[15 Nov 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

this weekend xiomara was chillin wit jason and he told her that he goes out with stephanie now. he told her that he loves me but that he's not ready for a serious relationship with yet and i am so we shouldnt be together. whatever. i dont wanna hear it. i was so angry but i didnt show it to ANYONE! it really really hurts. but i wanna at least seem strong. stephanie can now kiss my ass that bitch, she said first that she was never gonna go out with him because she knows how much i like him. BULLSHIT! that asswhole, i know we aint really friends but if she likes him she shouldve never said that load of shit to me! but i aint even gonna sweat her cuz if i do then imma seem like tha jealous ex girlfriend, and NO. but oh well, lets see how long they last. im gonna propose myself to something, and its written here as proof.


there... its written and signed lol nah but forreal im done! oh one more thing...


imma save da love til im grown cuz i dont wanna "fall in love" and give up my virginity and make another mistake. im real serious about this.

the lady thats supposed to do my highlights today had an emergency out of town and she won't be back until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. so now my hair appointment changed for Thursday and im gonna have to miss school. But I'll be looking pretty on Friday at school. Talkin about school, we get Progress Reports this Friday and "i think" from what "i know" i have pretty good grades except for a D in Earth Space Science. i hate that class. omg. I'm already saving up my money for Christas presents... I'm getting something for Fany, her mom, Xiomy, her mom, Alyse, her mom, Laura, my brother, my dad, and my mommie... I was gonna get sumthing for Jason and something for Ricky, but Jason doesnt deserve anything and Ricky, I really truely don't want to give him anything. Fuck that. And if I have any more $$ left off from getting those presents i might get sumthin for my baby Xiomy's lil brother and Fany's nephew... my babies Kevin (they're both named Kevin) lol and of course... i'm gonna get myself some new jewelry that i NEED because i've had the same jewelry since forever lol. I'm getting my "M" ring, two new pairs of earrings and i need 2 new necklaces, one for my pussy charm and the other for my BEST FRIEND charm xiomy gave me and my heart charm my grandmother gave me (me and my mom got the same one) and imma buy me some sneakers and some clothes... to start the new year with lol

ttyl nite nite

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[09 Nov 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Oct 17
Abuela came from NY

Oct 20
Tio, Carmen, Jason, and Lineshka came from PR

Oct 21
We all went to Disney and I was allowed to bring one friend; I took Jason. He asked me to be his girl at Disney... everything was sO romantic I felt so loved!

Oct 23
I had my birthday party. Not alot of people were there but the important ones were! I was so Luvvy Dubby with Jason. I felt sO happy! The party was video taped and lots of pictures were taken. Everything was GREAT!

Oct 25
People were already starting to tell me shit about Jason denying me and all this other stuff. I set the bitches that were talkin the shit straight!

Oct 26
I got punished for the weekend because I had ISS and didn't tell my mom about it and she was sO mad at me.

Oct 29
Ashly calls me telling me she caught Jason trying to hit on this other girl Nana that I met last year. I didnt believe her because of all the shit she's done to me in the past.

Oct 31
Ashly called Nana 3-way and proved to me it was all true! I felt so confused and stressed out. I never thought things with Jason were gonna go so bad!

Nov 2
Jason came to school with a HICKIE! and it weren't comming from me! OhMyGod I was sO pissed. But then I heard it wasn't a mouth to neck hickie, it was that supposely "Delia pinched his neck." Xiomy was the one who told me she saw her do it so I believe her of course.

Nov 3
I had ISS for two days again and a Saturday school for Nov 6.Stephanie (the twin) calls me up saying that she has to tell me something really important. She said that Jason wrote her a letter saying that he still really likes her and that he doesnt like me at all, that he wants to break up with me but that he doesn't know how to cuz he doesn't wanna hurt me, for her to call him up. I was sO pissed! I know Steph isn't gonna bullshit me about sutten like this, she knows how much I love Jason. So I told her to call him up 3-way and let me listen in on the conversation so I could catch him on the lie. She did, but Justin was on the phone so we had to try later, but she couldn't because of her mom. So i just called him up myself and said "I really love you Jason, but I'm so tired of your bullshit and I'm tired of you lying to me! I'm done with you it's over." He was just like whatever, he didn't say anything.

Nov 7
Jason called me for the first time after I broke up with him. He was like oh you can't call me anymore? We talked from 9:30 to 12. We cleared up alot of important things. We got mad at each other, we laughed at the stupidest things like always. We had a good time on the phone talking and laughing... too bad we can't be together :/

Nov 8
Laura's birthday... I went to her house to chill for a while.

Nov 9
I'm doing okay. I'm honestly really hurt by what Jason did but I'm okay I didn't cry or anything. I took it pretty good walking around with a SMILE everyday. Now Jason told me that someone that I think is cute likes me, but he won't tell me who it is. He told Elvis that I think he's sO cute and now being around Elvis feels sO wierd! BUT NO!! I'm not gonna keep it between friends again, I've already dated Berto, Jason, and JonJon, I don't need to date the last one left. Even tho if I ever get the chance to kiss him I wouldn't think about it twice cuz he's so fiine! lol I feel like such a HOE OhMyGod!

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SETTLED [08 Oct 2004|05:06pm]
well my confusions are over. the other day jason tol me he loves me and he tol my mother and that he wants to be with me. this got me thinking. and i love him too. i like him more than ricky. so two days after jason tol me this... he came to my house and we kissed. this made me feel really guilty towards ricky cuz just that day he had tol me that his feelings for me were becomming stronger. he said since he got to know the real me he was begining to fall in love with me. so i told him that sicne my feelings for him were'nt the same that i couldnt stay with him because while hes fallin in love with me im still in love with sum1 else. without tellin him who it was, he guessed it was jason. he was really dissappointed. the day after he asked me what i wanted to do now, so i tol him, u know im not really ready to move on, i thought i was but i realized i wasnt. me and jason arent gonna go about with a relationship but i just need to get over him on my own. and i dont think its fair that while his feelings for me are developing that im thinkin about sum1 else. and i dont want to hurt him. so that was it. today i let him have my ring. because its been a month with me not wearing it. and since he had given it back, everytime i feel it, i remember him and feel sO guilty. i finally tol my mother everything that has been going on with me n jason in tha last year. she was kinda surprised but at the same time she kinda suspected it. she was sO kool about it. i was surprised she took it so smoothly. she was just like why i never told her b4 and i tol her because since we were never officially boyfriend n girlfriend that i thought she would be upset. i been talking to jason. he IS showing me now that he does care about me n that he does love me. hes just not really showing whether he wants to be with me or not. ive been trying to talk to him i just want to know wat he wants to do. he said he does want to be with me but that he doesnt know wat to do because he thinks hes too young and if hes with me he would never think of breaking up with me and he wants to have fun. he doesnt wanna be commited so early in life. i understand that but when sum1 really loves another like he says, no matter wat, all u would want is to be with them. like me. i love him so much i am willing to lose sum1 good for him because i think hes worth it. well so now im just sitting here single. not looking for any1 but jason's answer. ill get back to it later.
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WHY AM I SUCH A CONFUSED CHILD?... [30 Sep 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | confused ]

hey i have a BIG PROBLEM now. ok im with ricky for like wat, 3 weeks today? well i like him alot hes really nice, thoughtful, understanding, i can talk to him about alot of things... u kno all good. and everything is going fine, in his mind, but in mines, im sO confused. i was doing fine til the other day jason talk to me again... asked me how im doing, how my mom is doing, how come i dont talk to him anymore (which i didnt answer) and i got all sentimental n started thinkin about him like ALL tha time. but the thing is i heard hes likes this gurl chelsea... shes a dazzler... n they been "talkin" and they kissed n blah blah blah... but then sumtimes he does things that makes it seem like hes waiting for me to go back to him. i dunno, he could actually be going out with this gurl n hes not. why not? her parents dont allow her to have a boyfriend but so... he went with mireille n she wasnt allowed either. why wont he do it wit chelsea jus be wit her since he sees im with ricky now. these things he does make me think that POSSIBLY he still has some feelings for me. and im scared to ask him because i dont wanna hear a truth that jus MIGHT hurt me. so now im feelin unconfortable with ricky becuase how can i be with him n still think about jason? but i dont wanna break up with him n talk to jason n jason mess wit mah head n i lose ricky over nothing. u kno? i dont know wat to do with ricky. but i wanna find out about how jason feels about me without makin the possible mistake of losing ricky. man my mind is like so blank... i need sum counceling... or jus to stay single!!! GOD HELP!!! im going crazy!! BOYS!!

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[17 Sep 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | hyper ]

hey im here at school bored outta my mind. i just wanna say im so0o0o happy cuz...

1. my bro's gonna be in a reggeaton cd next month.

2. my babiis treating me so good n hes makin me so happy.

3. my daddy's comming here to live.

4. my b-day is comming up soon n im gettin madd shit.


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ToO MuCh DraMa aGaiN... JusT WheN eVeRyThiNg WaS GeTTinG BeTTeR [07 Sep 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

im kinda pissed right now n so confused. ok im talking to this boi ricardo right n hes really nice and everything n i love tha attention he gives me n all but the problem is i dont really like him. n i dunno xiomy says i should give him a chancea at least but i dunno if i should becuase im like so in love wit jason. i dunno its like i like him so0o0o much n everything but xiomy says that hes doing me wrong. and i know he is... i mean he could be chillin wid me one day n then the next day go n chill wid some other gurl n make out wid her n tell her how much he likes her! but its that i dont wanna be wit ricardo n be in love wid jason n worried bout wat jason's doing when i kno im not supposed to. then another reason im pissed is cuz the twins mel n steph. ok last week jason, jon jon, elvis, noel, chris arona, xiomy, alyse, mel n steph were all at alyse's pool. n steph n jason kissed. so alyse n xiomy were all like o did u kno that mireily likes him n lalala n she was like o i didnt kno but anyways i dont care because me and that gurl arent really good friends anyways. so she broke up wid christian hoping to be wid jason. n so xiomy talks to jason n jason said that he doesnt wanna be wid stephanie and that he doesnt wanna be wid any1 right now but that if hes to be wid any1 its gonna be me cuz he knows how much i care about him and all. so ok xiomy and alyse werent gonna tell me that they kissed so i wouldnt get all sad n depressed... but alyse tol me anyway... then thats when xiomy tol me wat he said. so i called jason up n he didnt really say anything about it. which got me sO mad. and so xiomy was having problems wid melanie cuz sum1 tol her she was sitting on noel's lap. so they were talkin at their house about it u kno fixing everything when stephanie tells me that she has to talk to me. so im was just like ok... but in mah head i was like omg i really dont wanna talk to this gurl! so i was like ok w/e so she goes o i didnt kno u liked jason n blah lala (which she was lying cuz she said "me and that gurl arent really good friends anyways ") so i was like ok... n shes like n im sorry but if he comes back to me... then she just made a face. so then, we just chilled at the twins houz me xiomy & alyse when sum1 calls alyse's cel... it was jason. he knew she was at the twins houz but didnt know i was there so he asked to talk to stephanie... thats when i started feeling so uncomfortable!! but steph was trynna play it all off like o why does he wanna talk to me. so alyse just tol him she was busy. then at this point i wanted to leave because i wanted to cuss steph out but i wasnt gonna cuz i was at her houz n im not gonna disrespect her house like that cuz im not that type of person. so i was like wat ever jus wait til alyse's mom gets here n takes me home. so while we were in tha car on my way home jason calls alyse bak n he was like wat r u doing. n she goes o im takin mireily home. n he was all like o why u took her to tha twin's house n lalala... omg i just felt like crying cuz right there's when i knew he was playing me out. so yea thats my problem. i want jason (but i dont like tha fact he playin me out) and i like ricky's attention but i dont likeh him. n i dunno wat to do cuz i kno i need to move on from jason cuz its been a year me going thru this and we've never gotten anywhere but i dunno why im so stubborn. i dunno its like i dont see myself happy with any1 else if its not jason. jason's the only one i want to keep me happy. i dunno i just wanna sit here n cry my eyes out. but i dont wanna cry cuz my mom... u kno she dont kno nutten about this. and i dont want her to cuz u know, a year me hiding my lil relationship wid jason so i dont wanna tell her. ahh but i dunno. im planning to call steph up n be like imma be str8 up n tell u cuz i dont wanna be two faced. i dont like u, i dont like how u talk, how u look at me, how u act i dont like u n i wanna letchu kno cuz i dont wanna be like o hi how are u to ur face n when u turn around b like o i dont like u n then have pple talk shit to u. so i just wanna tell u i dont like u. i didnt tell u in ur face when i was at ur house cuz i think thats disrespectful n im not trynna start no problems at ur house. i just want u to be aware that i dont like u. i called her earlier but no1 picked up the phone... so.... imma just call later. but yea... i tol xiomy i was gonna do it n she was like waaaa??? lol i mean im not trynna do it to start anything wid her. i just never liked her n i tried to get to kno her so my thoughts about her could change but now wit tha whole jason thing i REALLY dont like her. lol well i just felt like letting it all out ... i've written alot already so im outty... i'll write about wat happened after i call her later... (if she ever picks up)

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wats been up [24 Aug 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | happy excited love & confused ]

Stephanie finnally came over  for 5 days! we went to the movies to see exsorsist. its was Stephanie, Xiomara, Alyse and me... the movie was pretty funny not as scary as i thought it would be. Hurricane Charlie was not that bad... nothing happened here but two trees fell at alyse's house. it looks like jumangi lol.

with guys im as always... sunday i chilled with Jon Jon and Jason at Alyse's house n there was no power so we played the "spot light game" lol if the spot light was on u any1 can ask u anything and u'd have to answere it truthfully. i found out about sO many things!! Jon Jon was going out wit me and Alyse at the same time!! omg how RUDE! but it dont matter cuz that was a long time ago.  I also found out that at Bianca's baby shower, Jason kissed two other gurls including me! wat an ass!! 3 gurls in one night! but o well that was a long time too

I really wanna b wit Jason but he b playing too many games... then he has the nerve to tell Laura that I'm tha one that b playing too many games! w/e! Now i dunno wassup wit Jon Jon cuz he be callin me every night now since that day we chilled at Alyse's house. He be saying he still loves me n blah blah blah... i mean i believe him but i cant b thinkin too much about it cuz he's a lil ass... the guy is dating two gurls at the same time n he has been for like 2 months!!! n he b talkin to me! hes crazy...  But I thought i was WAY over Jon Jon n i realized im not but now im even more confused cuz i love both Jason n Jon Jon just in different ways n because of different reasons. Im tryin not to think about it... cuz if i think about it too much imma get stressed out. i just try to think about it as a funny situation to be in.

omg Elvis is sO sexy!! wo0o0o0o ho0o0o0o0o!!!!!!!! lol he has a car too omg... but he has a gurl n Xiomy's trynna b his friend wit benefits on da low. I could be Jon Jon's friend wit benefits if I wanted to but i dont want to cuz i still love him as i did b4 n it would only hurt me to mess around with him n not really have him. but i aint really worried about him or Jason.

I got taken outta my 7th period class cuz it was too full. I got tha same class at the same period but wit a diff teacher. and theres this boi in that class i never seen b4 i think hes a junior, n hes kinda cute! lol he saw me come in new to tha class n he sat net to me n was trynna flirt with me talkin about he likes rican gurls n askin me my name n all that. it was funny.

Now my mom has a full time job as an AT&T operator. so she quit the job she had with me at the flea market n now imma b responsible for tha whole store n everythin on my own! im sO scared. my first day alone is gonna b this saturday! n omg im so nervous cuz i dont wanna mess up n make like a really bad mistake wit money or anything. but ima gonna give it a try if i do too bad i'll quit if i do alright im gonna keep tryin...

i FINALLY got my new contacts!! i b lookin so pretty lol. Laura was the only one who said she didnt like em. but i like how they look so i dont care... she dumb anyways lol

well thats wat's been up im outty

ILoveYouSoMuch! BYE

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[04 Aug 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | loved ]

omg well i havent written anything here in sO long!

  • i only work on saturdays n sundays now that school started. i dont work for Asher anymore i walked out on his @$$ on a sat. at 2pm, why?-long story. i now work wid my mom sellin inscents next to tha candy store right there at the flea market!!
  • jason was gonna ask me out but then he found out i kissed noel n he got all pissed at me for like a week but now hes not mad at me anymore. so hopefully later on we hook up, im trynna talk to him.
  • i got my celly welly now my number is 321-262-3637 FINALLY! its wat i been waiting for!
  • school started! im so happy cuz now i dont b bored! i have classes wid valeria, belen, *elvis, *noel, humberto, denise, ashley pagan, *diego, *miguel, yvette, and cristy...i have 2nd lunch wid laura n i see my babii jason at lunch too!!i HATE my 5th period class but i LOVE my second period class.
  • imma get my eye contacts done next wednesday YAY!
  • im trynna try out for volleyball but i cant go to tryouts until i get my physical form filled out and my doctor doesnt start doing them til tha 19th and other private doctors charge $35 n dats too much.
  • well xiomy is doing aight i guess, theres always sum bullshit goin on wid her n her man but imma try to stay outtuf everything unless she asks for me to help her cuz ive been tryin to get her 2 c sum things but she doesnt wanna so imma jus let her b. IWuvHerBewwyMussshh!! n i dont wanna see dat ugly white boi rican-wannabe hurt her. lol

Me, well im doing GREAT!! im stress free cuz im not havin any problems really. im very happy. i wanna b wid jason n if dat doesnt happen then its b-cuz its not meant to be n thats ok. im kool i dont NEED a b/f im doing jus fine widout 1. me n jon jon r sO kool now n dat makes me SUPER happy cuz i kno me n him r such good friends that we still talk after all we been thru. i saw my gurlie chelsea like once since school started IWuvYouBoo! how u been??

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fucked up night!!! wo0o0o ho0o0o!!! [14 Jul 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well... all ive been up to is work.

there was this BIG problem with Charles, Noel, Chris n Christian. idk wat happened with that. all i kno is im not talkin to Chris anymore cuz all he did was waste my time.

Charles & Xiomara are FINALLY together 4real they not hiding nuthen anymore.

last night i was gonna go to matrix with every1 from my complex cuz it was one of my friend's b-day. we went but we didnt go in cuz it was only hip hop n rap n we wanted reggeaton. so wat we did was we came back home n had the b-day gurl's cuzin whos 23 buy us sum barcardi with coconut flavor n she let us party at her houz. it was Yia, Dianette, Boly, Macarena, Chela, Zuleyka, Andy, and Bebo and the gurl's whos apt it was Michelle, her husband Bebo and her cuzin Micheal and of course ME! lol so we got to her houz n we started takin bacardi shots n i had bacardi wit sum juice she had in her refrigerator?! i only drunk 1 glass of the juice n took 2 shots n i was FUCKED UP! lol i was dancing durrty n everything. n acting cra-z. Then Macarena took like 10 shots. so she was even MORE fucked up than i was. then idk i was leaning against the kitchen counter cuz i couldnt stand up by myself thats how fucked up i was, then i feel sum1 tap my shoulder n when i looked it was Macarena n she starts screamin talkin about sum u wanna fight?? so i got hyped up n i was like lets go n right when i was gonna hit her micheal n bebo held me back while Zuleyka n Michelle held her back n took her out da houz n the bitch fainted on the floor outside. n then Micheal was talkin to me n he was like i kno u fought her b4 n i kno u dont like her but shes fucked up so try to ignore her n shit. n so i was like ok w/e i aint gonna hit her jus keep her ass away from me cuz i dont wanna disrespect Michelle cuz shes lettin us drink here n i dont wanna mess up the night. so they locked Macarena up in da room til she feel asleep. then Andy n Bebo brung sum weed n every1 was gettin FUCKED UP! i didnt even smoke n there was sO much smoke in da houz that i got high off it lol. i didnt know wdf was going on. all i remember is that i was asking every1 if they were ok n then if i was ok n they would say im not so then id be like how am i gonna get home n id start laffin offa anything! n i was dancing n having fun. i had stoped drinkin cuz i had to be home at 2am n i had to be home fine i couldnt get home all drunk. so i chilled then Boly threw up all over the carpet so we had to help her get better. i cleaned up n shit. then she fainted on Michelle's daughter's bed. Then Zuleyka was FUCKED UP n she was acting madd stupid. n i had to help her too cuz she had to be home at 2am also. i threw water in her face, gave her ciggarette so she'd calm down. she peed in tha bathroom in front of me... i had to change her clothes, in tha living room in front of everybody she pulled down her pants n scratched her pussy (lmao) that was funny. i was babysittin evey1!!! then Macarena wakes up n she looked at me n she was like who r u? n i go Mireily. n she was like oh u whooped my ass with Stephanie lets fight. n i was sober again so i jus laffed n i was like i aint gonna fight u cuz ur fucked up. come ask me to fight when ur sober. n she was like no im fine lets fight. so i jus started hitting da fuck outta her. then Micheal came n seperated us. then outta no where Zuleyka came around me n started bangin on her n i seperated then but i was lmao the whole time. then we took macarena back to sleep in da room. then Zuleyka had to pee so we had to use the bathroom that was in da room where Macarena was laying. n Macarena was like oh that bitch hit me im gonna hit her. n Zuleyka jumped on top of her on da bed n started hitting her n i got her off n took her inside tha bathroom. then i walked her out... then i had to go to Dianettes houz. They took Macarena home all fucked up like that. Andy walked me home. My mom was kinda pissed at me. i was still dizzy so i dont remember really wat she was saying to me. then i jus went to sleep

i woke up at 3pm today. i called Dianette n she tol me that they jus chilled tha rest of the night after i left.

i had sO much fun!!! thx to Diannette n Zuly... them my party home gurlz lol.

im so0o0oo0o0o f-ing tired right now... omg


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LoVe iS iN ThE AiR [01 Jul 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i went to xiomara's houz n shes going out wit charles on da low. they kissed n everything omg!!!! YAY!!! im so happy for her!!! all we need now is for charles to get the balls to tell noel n vanessa!!! wo0o0o0o0o0o ho0o0o0o0o0o0!

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[30 Jun 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i hvent written on this in a while but theres not much to update on either:

-> my brother is here til next wednesday.

-> im happy with my job.

-> xiomy quit the job lmao.

-> i bought stuff.

-> im gettin mah celly.

-> charles is here!

-> i talked to charles about xiomy, aww how cute!

-> i really don think imma get bak wit chris cuz i don really like him.


-> jonjon is bein an ass wit me idk y? i havent done shit to him so i dont care.

-> my mom's gonna go to PR next month n i have to stay over sum1s house.

-> IMSOHAPPY!! i have nO worries n im not stressed about nuthen!
wO0O0O0O0O hO0O0O0O0O!!


im outtie! buh bye

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[21 Jun 2004|01:10pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i finnally went out saturday with xiomy, grace n laura. we went to her friends house. at first it was boring but then when it was getting time to leave it was fun.

after we got home, grace snuck out, xiomy went to sleep and then i left. i went to chris' house. i stayed at his house from 2am to 6am. then i had to wake up at 8.

i was sO tired at work. at least usher was losening up. him and his friend had me lmao. it was kool. i saw Pattrick... damn i hadnt seen him in a long time. i used to chill with him and Justin Santibanez.

i bought 2 shirts and 4 bracelets and i payed my mom back for my nails. so i have like $63 dollars left.

I talked to Jason cuz he called me over the weekend twice but i wasnt home so i called him back. hes sick. he has bronchitis... srry i dunno how to spell it. and his b-day is tom the 22nd. he said he was gonna have a party but that now hes not gonna cuz he doesnt feel good. awww hes such a mama's boy. he was tellin me that his mom doesnt care that hes sick. that he wishes she'd stay with him in his room all day. i was lmao. he exagerates too much. i miss him even tho hes such an ass. he was tellin me that he chills at school with Roaman and Justin Santibanez... aww i miss him too. Roaman, he better not even look at me when school starts cuz i swear he will get slaped.

well i woke up 20 minutes ago but im still sleepy so im outtie!! ♥

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[18 Jun 2004|08:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well i stared work again, ugh today was sO slow. no1 was at flea world so all day at work me n xiomy did shyt! we were sO bored. now we wanna quit cuz our boss usher is too hard on us mann... he sux. he wants me to see sum1 in da store n be up on their ass trynna help them with shit when they're only looking. oh well but im not gonna quit cuz i need money.

update on my piercing- its ok its very itchy all da time. ugh! it has like dry skin around it n shit and it looks kinda nasty. but not infected nasty... so its ok. lol

Chris update- none yet lol hes jus been acting VERY strange. like he wants to get back with me

thats all folks!

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[14 Jun 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | tired... sore... n happy! ]

Today i feel sO freaking SORE!! omfg.

I extremely HATE Annette sumtimes man!! shes sO dumb. Today i was like "hey wassup, hows ur summer?" n she goes "nuthen, Jason goes out with a white gurl"

omfg... she didnt even say how her summer was, she jus came up talking about Jason like I care! so i go, oh, really, good for him. i dont talk to him anymore... n she goes o0o0o neither do i, the white gurl told me. shes sO stupid sumtimes...

Well... I dont think Stephanie is gonna be able to come to my house anymore becuase she got her mom really pissed. She was at her sister's house all weekend then she told her sister to take her to my house n she NEVER even called her mom. her mom called my house looking for her... n i didnt kno who stephy was with so dats when she got pissed n she was telling me "oh now im not gonna let Stephanie do anything, shes gonna have to stay stuck at deltona cuz shes always messing up n blah blah blah" but omg she was sO pissed. then when stephanie got to my house she called her n they were argueing n stephanie was like "oh its like me n my brothers r ur lil puppies cuz all ur ever home for is to feed us. then u leave again." i was like OH SHIT! but its tru... dats y i have mah gurl's back... her mom is NEVER home n Stephanie always has to stay in the house alone taking care of her lil brothers cuz she has no friends in Deltona except her boyfriend, n right now hes in Chicago. i feel bad for her sumtimes...

Well... my brother is coming the 26th of this month. and he said he wants to hang out, that he doesnt wanna stay stuck in da house... so we have to make plans to take him sumwhere. im sO happy tho cuz i miss him so much! muaaahhh!


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[13 Jun 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well friday xiomara came over for a while. then we went to her houz n i slept over cuz WE GOT JOBS!!! $$100$$ a week!!! what?!? yeah! lol we work at an agency called WORLD FLEA... lmao...(can't tell no1 we work at the flea market)sum cute guys were trynna talk to me n get my name n stuff while xiomy had the mexicanos after her. lol umm... my mom had to quit her job cuz she doesnt have any1 to bring her back home anymore =/ shes sad. wat else??? ummm dats pretty much it i guess... next friday imma go shop with MY MONEY! lol and i think me n Xiomy r going out satuday... "hopefully"

im outty


PS~> im sO f-ing happy cuz i get to see my boo on the weekends... hes so sexy lol... JON JON I LOVE U BOOO!!!! lol... im such a cuero!

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[09 Jun 2004|03:25am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Well I jus started my MG pg all over… im pretty satisfied with it. All I need now are sum pics of me n sum of my buddies prolly n imma add music to it too. Xiomy, I need 2 favors. Can u plz go to my MG s/n n put my 411 info on the side so it slides up like u did b4 and teach me how 2 change the scroll colors??  Then leave the rest as it is… I had deleted the code for that like a real dummass lolz


Me n Chris are over! Yay! Tell u the truth, im happy with the decision cuz I wasn’t feelin our relationship but at the same time im stuck cuz i DO like him. Well I guess I like him more as a friend than as a boyfriend… o well… at least I kno it wasn’t all really a waste of time. At least for me it wasn’t.


Xiomy…please come over!! Im dying here alone everyday all day! Cuz its sO boring!!!


Well its 3:33am so I think I should b going to sleep now



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[08 Jun 2004|01:05am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Boring day... All ive been doing is quizzes 4rm quizdiva.com


Chris dedicated a song to me lolz. i was drivin Xiomy cra~z with it. I was a bad gurlfriend again i kissed Kris P =/ this time he knew about Chris... he jus didnt care n i guess neither did i [at the time] but Chris is not gonna find out so i aint worried...


Ugh im sO aggravated with my MG page !! the dollie pics i wanna put up dont show. i see them fine on the preview page but then on the regular page i see a bunch of X's where the pics supposed to be!!! imma give up completely n pretty soon close the whole damn page n not have shyt!


Chelsea... babii i hope ur safe at ur aunties houz, n if not u kno where to go n who to call. i love u very mussssshhhhh sweetie!!!!!!!!


Xiomy... i love u very mussshhh 2 n i want u to be safe. i really dont wanna have to c u at a hospital sick cuz of wat u did. PLEASE dont do it again. dont let it get any worse than it already is. BFFE


I hate it when my frienz go thru hard times  i jus wish all tha bad things would jus go away n 4 every1 to be happy all the time!!!

well im out ~2~


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[06 Jun 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | no mood... ]

yest n today were pretty boring... i jus chilled in da houz wit Stephy. She jus got picked up a while ago... i was gonna go to her houz this week but its too bOring over there.

I had such a sweet conversation with Chris yest... we were talkin about really interesting things i liked. awwwww

my piercing hurts a lil now n then :/ but its sO worth it cuz i think it looks sO sexy.... lolz

not much to talk about so im outty ~1~

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